Curious About Opening A Recovery  
Home For Women?


Successfully setting up a recovery house for women requires a very specific skill set.


Knowledge of real estate, permitting, landlord-tenancy relations, health and safety and fire regulations, addictions, recovery and mental health management and best practices is just the beginning!


As an owner of two successful, fully functional, local recovery houses I have the proven expertise and experience to deliver.


Save yourself the time and hassle of learning the ropes from scratch and let me set your recovery home up for you!

This service includes:

  1. Obtaining the proper permits, licenses & insurance coverage.

  2. Ensuring the home is compliant with fire codes and municipal zoning.

  3. Creation and implementation of recovery programming, house rules and operations manual including tenancy agreement and based on standards from leaders in the recovery community,

  4. Fully furnishing and equipping each room and common area.

  5. Identify any renovations or improvements that need to be made and provide recommendations as required.

Recovery & Transition Houses


Opening a third stage recovery house is an incredible opportunity to fulfill both philanthropic and real estate investment needs.


Whether you currently have real estate you’d like to explore transitioning into a recovery home, or you’re starting from scratch, I can help set up, manage, fill and maintain your recovery home, or train you to do it yourself.


Feel great about doing your part to help solve the local opiod and housing crisis, while benefiting from the extra peace of mind that comes with completely sober tenants.

Benefits of a recovery houses vs. traditional rental properties:

1. Ability to evict tenants for drug use or intoxication:


This protects your investment from new, legal drug legislation and the risks and volatility of intoxicated or addicted tenants.


2. Providing an invaluable service to your community:


Do your part to fight against the fentanyl/overdose and homelessness crisis. Help women recover and return to positive civic life.


3. Opportunity to expand your investment portfolio:


Earn equity and rental income from an in demand service while keeping your property safe.

Colwood Serenity House:

Third stage, RN owned and supervised, recovery housing for women.


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