Jo McCann is a Registered Nurse, veteran real estate investor and devoted recovery advocate and mentor.  After becoming acutely aware of what it takes to live in recovery through experiencing her own journey in recovery, Jo combined her passion to help others, nursing skills and recovery to found Colwood Serenity House, a supported recovery home for women.  


Her mission is to help as many women as possible on their path to a sustainable and fulfilling life in recovery.


Jo graduated with honors from the University of Victoria in 2005 with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Nursing and has worked in medicine, cardiology, research and management.  She is also a property diva with over 18 years experience providing a welcoming home for her residents.


In addition, Jo is a passionate veggie-grower, divine cheesecake baker and a supermom of 3 superkids.  She currently lives with her amazing family in beautiful Victoria, BC.

Are you worried about a loved one that's struggling?
Are you unsure about what to do to get them the help they need?

Navigating through a broken system to get help can be extremely difficult for even high functioning individuals.


When you factor in difficulties like addiction, homelessness and mental illness, the support systems available can become inaccessible to the very people they are supposed to serve.


My auxiliary support services help identify the needs of  both the recipient and caregiver and help them access the right supports.

Get An Intake Assessment & Recommendation Report:

An intake and assessment includes:

  • Meet with recipient and interview (90mins)

  • Meet with caregiver and interview (90mins)

  • Any additional correspondence via email.

  • Identify needs, obstacles, ability assessment and viability of case.

  • Analysis, report and recommendations of next steps.

  • Next steps could include and are not limited to referrals to agencies or supports as per the following:

    • Referral to mental health professional, welfare,  disability, CGA / Revenue Canada, Child Protective Services, Addiction Treatment Facility, Detox, second or third stage recovery home.

    • Includes emergency accompaniment should any health related incident occur.

Investment $250


Colwood Serenity House:

Third stage, RN owned and supervised, recovery housing for women.


(250) 686-9756

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