Why Colwood Serenity House?


At Colwood Serenity House we take our responsibility to women very seriously.


As such, we have a rigorous three step process for each resident:


  1. Intake Assessment: A thorough assessment to identify the barriers to complete recovery and the resources required to fully support the individual to manage their situation.

  2. Placement: In one of our residences.

  3. Full Service Recovery Support: Much more than just housing, each resident receives consistent and focused support for their recovery.

In addition to providing a safe, furnished and welcoming place to live, the following services and amenities are included in the price of rent.

  1. Advocacy with public and private agencies in legal, medical & health, family, financial & housing support

  2. Medical supervision & sobriety tests

  3. One on one support to create and execute a personalized recovery plan

  4. In house meetings

  5. Referrals and references to other agencies or for independent housing, employment etc.

  6. Peer support

  7. Minimum 2 month commitment - month to month tenancy afterward with NO MAXIMUM

  8. Free gym passes for one year*

  9. Alternative health treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic care may also be provided.*

  10. $500 graduation bonus for residents who attain one year of continuous sobriety

    *Limitations May Apply*

Women who could benefit from third stage recovery are often combating barriers to a healthy and sober life from multiple overlapping areas including:

Housing, addiction, legal, financial, family, physical/mental health, trauma, under or unemployment.


All of which must be dealt with in a holistic manner with each approach complementing the other and acting to reinforce supports in other areas.


Currently there does not exist a service for women on the Island with this breadth and depth of support, facilitated by a female registered nurse in recovery.

Because of the additional complexities associated with women, helping them recover requires a rare and specialized skill set, complimented by an extraordinary level of dedication and experience.

Room Rates & Options:

  • Semi-private rooms starting at $780 per month

  • Private rooms starting at $925 per month depending on size and furnishings

Colwood Serenity House:

Third stage, RN owned and supervised, recovery housing for women.


(250) 686-9756

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