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Why Do Recovery Homes Work?


According to the World Health Organization, the social determinants of health are


  1. Biology & Genetics (age, sex, etc.)

  2. Individual Behavior (drug / alchohol use, etc.)

  3. Social Environment (social supports, community etc.)

  4. Physical Environment (safety, comfort, noise levels etc.)

  5. Health Services (access to appropriate medical care, etc.)


The Holistic nature of Colwood Serenity House addresses 4 out of the 5 determinants of health by providing a sober, community driven safe house owned and operated by a registered nurse.


A recent study by the BC Centre on Substance Abuse found recovery residences are an important component of the continuum of care, but are often undervalued or overlooked within health and social service systems.

Women who could benefit from third stage recovery are often combating barriers to a healthy and sober life from multiple overlapping areas including:

Housing, addiction, legal, financial, family, physical/mental health, trauma, under or unemployment.


All of which must be dealt with in a holistic manner with each approach complementing the other and acting to reinforce supports in other areas.


Currently there does not exist a service for women on the Island with this breadth and depth of support, facilitated by a female registered nurse in recovery.

Room Rates & Options:

  • Semi-private rooms starting at $725 per month

  • Private rooms are $850-$950 per month depending on size and furnishings

  • Month to month occupancy

  • $500 graduation bonus after one year of relapse free residency

Colwood Serenity House:

Third stage, RN owned and supervised, recovery housing for women.


(250) 686-9756

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