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Supportive Recovery Housing Shown To Be A Critical Support For Maintaining Recovery: Report

A report by the British Columbia Centre For Substance Use has released a comprehensive report on the barriers and solutions to attaining and maintaining recovery in the province.

An excerpt from the report states:

Relapse rates following residential treatment do vary widely in the research literature (from 20% to 90%), but the strongest predictors of sustained abstinence are generally consistent across studies: completion of the program, longer duration of treatment and integration of evidence-based medical therapies where appropriate, and if continuing care is provided or available post-residential treatment (e.g., “aftercare” programs, counselling, mutual support groups, recovery residences) This underscores the need to establish a robust continuum of care options in B.C. to best support individuals in achieving long-term recovery.

A recent systematic review reported that based on the available research

evidence, recovery residences appear to be effective in supporting long- term recovery.

Overall, study results showed that compared to treat- ment-only, the addition of recovery housing (i.e., stabilization and transi- tional living residences and assisted living residences) to the individual’s

experience was associated with improved substance use outcomes,

psychiatric symptoms and social functioning; for example, those who en- tered recovery housing after inpatient or residential addiction treatment

tended to have higher employment rates and lower rates of criminal ac- tivity than those who did not.

The review authors concluded that recovery residences are an important component of the continuum of care, but noted that they are often undervalued or overlooked within health and social service systems.

Click here to read the whole report

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