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Jo McCann is a dedicated, fiercely passionate and powerful advocate for recovery. As a much needed asset to fight against the crippling affects of addiction on our communities and within our families, Jo is resourceful, reliable, responsible and incredibly well informed woman providing a much needed resource for those coming out of treatment facilities. Providing a bridge between full care and full independence is critically important while people find their legs and rebuild their strength. I can't think of a better woman to do this kind of work. She really cares about making a difference and it shows. I can't recommend her or the services she provides at Colwood Serenity House enough.

Acclaimed writer, speaker and business mentor for those who want more from their work. 

Through setting up Colwood Serenity House, Jo has responded to the cry for help that so desperately needed answering for quality, comfortable women's recovery housing in Canada. She possesses a fighter's spirit and where she sees a wrong, you can guarantee Jo will do everything in her power to make it right. She truly cares about the well-being of people, especially women in early recovery. Jo is humble and approachable by nature - spend a half hour with her and you know you can trust her with anything. She is an excellent listener and is always seeking to improve the status quo. Jo saw the restrictions that were present in the current state of women's recovery housing and she took it upon herself to create a beautiful, safe space in beautiful Colwood, B.C., with the amenities and the structure that is so often missing from many transitional housing environments.

Woman in recovery

Previous resident, Beth H.

"I feel great about and very positive about my journey - I've never worked this hard at my sobriety and it feels amazing to do so... I love this house, all my needs are met 100%. Would recommend this house to anyone. This house AMAZING. Best one I've ever lived in 😊"

Colwood Serenity House:

Third stage, RN owned and supervised, recovery housing for women.


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